BetOnJesus - will He come back? You bet!


Friends, would you like to write us your testimony? Has your life changed dramatically after reading BetOnJesus? Did the Devil become really angry with you? We can't promise to publish them all here, but be assured, Jesus is reading while you write.

I had tears of joy when I received my BetOnJesus certificate. It's now hanging on a wall in my bathroom, to remind me that He can come back any time. Thank you pastor for making this site.
Hank H., NC

Amazing, I just got a certificate by shopping for Jesus!
Paster Hezichel, NYC

Better safe than sorry.
Paul, MN

2 for 1 for the Lord's birthday -- this gets better every day.
Moroni, Salt Lake City

I just put my inheritance on BetOnJesus. What safer place is there in the world?
Betty B., ID

Glory to God. Never before did I feel so empowered to save the nations of this world. BetOnJesus has changed my life and I can now look the Devil straight in the eye. Thank you BetOnJesus.
Rocky B., PA

I placed my bet and felt better immediately, kind of safe. I'm rapture-ready now.
Arno H., London

The power of the Lord is certainly with BetOnJesus. It's the best 1 Pound I've ever spent.
Michael G., NJ

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. All you atheists haven't shown that our Lord Jesus Christ doesn't exist. BetOnJesus is the work of the Lord.
Nelson H., AL

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