Would you believe it? - BetOnJesus - will He come back? You bet!
BetOnJesus - will He come back? You bet!

One moment I'm betting the farm and the next thing that happens is a rapture index at 165. Friends, this is the great start of the year I have been talking about. Fasten your seat belts! Get ready for the bumpy ride. BetOnJesus is still giving you 1:3,000 odds for the next 10 years -- that's effectively 1:30,000 odds. Folks, the earth is not even 30,000 years old. Is this the best godly bet in the world or what? I can't wait for our Lord to show up in all His riches and glory.

1/21/2008 08:35:54 am

Incredible odds indeed for something that will never happen. Who do you think you are? God?

1/22/2008 02:50:12 am

Thanks for setting this up. I'll be back.


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