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Fellow Pastors and Friends -
these are serious times that need a godly person to be the next president of the United States of America. Sarah Palin has proven over and over again that she can hang with the best of them: speaking with tongues, holy laughter, rolling on the floor, praying, you name it, she's done it -- and you can be sure that she will use this arsenal of spiritual weapons when it comes to hitting the enemy where it hurts and when it counts. Glory to God! Just imagine what will happen when She starts speaking in tongues with terrorists or Her Russian neighbors. The Lord already told us here at BetOnJesus who will win the election, get ready for the ride!

10/21/2008 01:56:44 pm

This is not a Christian website!!!!! All of you have to be aware of this. You might read something about pastors -- but it's just a spoof on our Lord Jesus Christ. You will pay the consequences one day, if not here then in hell.

Jim, Little Rock

10/22/2008 06:56:50 am

hahahahaha, I can't believe I have found this glorious place of godlyness on the web. The pastors certainly have a calling. Well done!


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