BetOnJesus - will He come back? You bet!

Folks, you've read here first: the world is coming to the end! Would you check out the new movie I've posted on 'Dear Atheists'? Our ministry partner Benny Hinn is giving us some clear pointers with his message 'Time is running out'! I don't know why God has placed this prophetic burden onto my heart, but I need to tell His church: PREPARE! The rapture index has again risen to 164. Believing that the end times will come within 10 years is now the rational thing to do -- go and bet on Jesus or at least shop for Jesus, it's the Lord's plan.


Heiko Engelhardt
5/30/2011 06:02:35 pm

Love your website! I´m a big fan. Just spent a pound, now I´m going to find a nice place to hang up my certificate.
See you in hell!


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