BetOnJesus will pay USA national debt off -- completely! - BetOnJesus - will He come back? You bet!
BetOnJesus - will He come back? You bet!

Saints -
I just got off the floor praying when the Lord spoke to me in a powerful voice that threw me right back onto the ground. "I want you to pay off the national debt in the USA". "Whoowww" I said, "Slowly Lord, does this include the $700 Billion we just gave to the banks, or is it just the normal $10 Trillion?". The Lord continued: "All of it, I command you to pay off the complete national debt when I come back. I will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19). What a powerful message! Rejoice and don't even think about paying off that credit card yourself any longer! BetOnJesus with our Lord will take care of that as well when He comes back. Because if you have any personal debt, why don't you prayerfully bet and tithe with BetOnJesus and bet on our Lord's return. Our Lord is getting better every day. What an end to the world!

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Boj

Bill Meyers
10/23/2008 10:15:09 am

Awesome plan, dude. Way to go, take of those 10 Trillion from the balance sheet. Only BetOnJesus can work these miracles. I've placed my bet and am now a part of God's plan. Jesus, I give you praise for this!

10/23/2008 06:28:15 pm

This is not funny. You cannot make fun about sincere people that have solid believes. This world wouldn't have any morals without Christianity, this fact can be shown by the fact that the Bible is both divine in origin and a guide to live by. Go away!

Tom Dehelay
10/24/2008 03:00:29 pm

This is really funny.

Holy Ghost
10/27/2008 01:54:10 pm

Huhuhu - I'm holy holy holy. Would love to be LinkedIn with you, Jesus.

10/28/2008 01:58:29 pm

what a stupid website from a disturbed mind. it's not even funny. you will suffer the consequences, be warned. you might have to pay people earlier than you think.

David Jeremia
10/30/2008 08:02:41 am

What a wonderful website! I will remind my church of this fantastic opportunity. Thank you, Pastor Boj, for leading the world to Christ.

10/31/2008 09:58:33 am

How can anyone take this satire seriously. I admit it's funny, but let's be real. Jesus will never come back or pay anybody anything. The bible is a stupid book written by some uneducated shepards and full of #$$@%^.

10/31/2008 03:09:31 pm

I read Bible amd prey over tis webside. God tell' me that good peeple make this and I giv my money. I hope Jesus come back soon, so I get money back.

Keep preying,

11/1/2008 04:54:45 pm

This is the Devil's work --- don't go for it. You will end up in hell.

11/9/2008 03:09:54 pm

Just wanted to tell people that this is for real. I'll be back soon.

12/14/2008 04:37:32 pm

Love you guys!!

Doing a similar thing but you guys have taken it to an olympic level!!


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