BetOnJesus and Sarah Palin lead Millions to Christ! - BetOnJesus - will He come back? You bet!
BetOnJesus - will He come back? You bet!

My friends,
our Lord is working a miracle right in front of our eyes. Sarah Palin and BetOnJesus have teamed up to finally lead America to Christ. In the next 13 days we will lead every second 100 atheists, socialists, communists, liberals, homosexuals and other unsaved trash to Christ. That means more than 100 Million new voters for God's party on election day! Our victory is as certain as the second coming of our Lord and Saviour. You might ask yourself: What can I do? Just bet on Jesus and we (Sarah, BetOnJesus, and Jesus) will do the rest for you. Stand prayerfully and financially with the biggest movement God's kingdom has ever seen. It has never been easier to save an unsaved friend and a whole nation. Show you faith and bet on the Lord, my friend. Victory is near!

Glory to God,
Pastor Boj

10/22/2008 11:07:49 pm

I'm saved -- a miracle. It worked!

10/22/2008 11:08:20 pm

Thank you BetOnJesus and Sarah. I just found the Lord.

10/22/2008 11:08:57 pm

I am sooooo saved now. Just amazing.

10/22/2008 11:10:58 pm

Glory to God. I will partner with you for now and all eternity.
Pastor Benny

10/22/2008 11:38:20 pm

Yes, it works as advertised. First I went down on my knees and started praying and then after God told me to place a $1 bet on him and after I did that I was saved and now I am writing this and now it feels really good that I did this for our nation so that Barack Husein is not destroying America like he did Irak.

2/13/2011 09:43:39 pm

I really enjoy traveling and I hope to see the world in the future.

2/23/2011 09:47:25 pm

Good love makes you see the whole world from one person while bad love makes you abandon the whole world for one person.


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