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BetOnJesus - will He come back? You bet!


help is on the way. I got an email from Barrister Cooper in which he promised to donate to this ministry $5.5 Million from the will of Mrs. Jennifer Wilson. He sounds like a man of God and we could really use the money to spread the gospel to every corner of the globe. I'm still waiting to hear from him again, so if any of you feel like giving him a call at any time during the day (or night), feel free to do so. Here is his letter and telephone number:

Calvary greetings,
I hereby acknowledge receipt of the email forwarded to me by my esteem client .Mrs. Jennifer Wilson my names are Barrister Jerry Cooper lawyer to Mrs.Jennifer Wilson. I got your mail regarding the above subject.
Mrs.Jennifer Wilson notified me about her decision to WILL $5,5Million US Dollars and that she has given you instruction on disbursement. The funds are presently in her bank here in the Netherlands.
For the purpose of this transaction I will be the one to provide you with logistics on the receivership of the funds. I have read the message and contents contained therein is understood by me. In pursuant of your message, I have every conviction that you are determined to live for humanity and posterity. My client cannot claim these funds herself as a result of,
1. My client is still very sick after the operation and is still in intensive care. She is under-going medical treatment. It has defiled all forms of medicine, and right now she is in coma. All my client needs from you is prayers for quick recovering. 
2. She wants God to be merciful to her and accept her soul that explains why she has decided to give alms to charity organizations as she want this to be one of the last good deeds she do on earth. I wish to plead with you to join my client for not only serving humanity, but to also benefit in the process. This process could be strange but reality will definitely dawn on you.
3: The funds are in SNS-BANK The Netherlands. I am in possession of all legal willed documents and just the two of us knew about it. This funds has been insured for security reasons and for safety which no body can deduct any amount from it even the bank are not authorized to deduct from this funds until transfer is made to the beneficiary.
4: I want to also inform you that out of the total sum of $5.500, 000 Five Million Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars willed to you by my client Mrs. Jennifer Wilson, you are entitled to 20% of the total sum for fruitful time and good will assistance, and 5% is for every expenses that will be involved in this transaction. Your telephone calls, your time and payment for anything concerning this transaction because the bank will charging you for the transfer cost of fees in which you are entitle to make this payment to the bank as the beneficiary of funds. As soon as the bank transfer the willed funds to your account you will first of all remove all that you have spent so far before taking your normal 20% that my client Mrs.Jennifer Wilson promised giving you for your assistance.
5: To ensure that we commence the paper-work and conclude the transfer of receivership within the next 3 days, you will please ensure that you adhere to my instructions quite religiously and keep this transaction confidential to yourself because of the family of my client Mrs Jennifer Wilson. We will take it a step at a time
I have to also say here that my client does not intend to cause you any personal pains or discomfort. If this agreed by us we can eventually proceed to discuss the process of the transfer of receivership to you to enable you adequate carry out the job that you are called to do. I will make sure this transaction come to pass so that these funds can be transferred to you soonest. 
She has WILLED the funds to you based on her own decision. I will immediately proceed in notifying Mrs. Jennifer Wilson bank in order for the funds to be released and transferred to you. Do endeavour to confirm the receipt of this mail, and I will like us to establish voice contact by calling me with my number below so that I explain to you more details about this transaction. 
I will require the following information below from you to process the release of the funds and notification to the bank.
1. Full name
2. Country of Residence
3. Sex
4. Age
5. Occupation
6. Telephone number
7. Fax number
Note: This are the process of this transaction I expect to hear from you soon so that I can facilitate and conclude this transaction on your behalf. May God grant you the strength and divine knowledge to carry out this assignment? 
Jerry Cooper (Barr. in Law).
Tel: +31-644-777-769


Folks, you've read here first: the world is coming to the end! Would you check out the new movie I've posted on 'Dear Atheists'? Our ministry partner Benny Hinn is giving us some clear pointers with his message 'Time is running out'! I don't know why God has placed this prophetic burden onto my heart, but I need to tell His church: PREPARE! The rapture index has again risen to 164. Believing that the end times will come within 10 years is now the rational thing to do -- go and bet on Jesus or at least shop for Jesus, it's the Lord's plan.



"The rich man's wealth is his only strength. The poor man's poverty is his
only curse." Prov 10:15

Now that you've seen BetOnJesus these Bible verses suddenly make sense, don't they! This is exactly what this ministry is all about: removing the last curse of the poor people by making them rich, and bringing the gospel to the home of the wealthy. I can't tell you how many glorious testimonies are coming in. God is shaking the nations and BetOnJesus is partnering with Saints such as you to bring this sinful world to an end. Glory to God.